Thank you for joining me on my LuLaRoe journey! I started this awesome venture not to long ago and I wanted to share it with you. Why? Because it is just too good to NOT share!

I often jump into things without thinking about them, especially if I get that feeling. Do you know that feeling? The one that just tells you what to do. The one that just sort of nags at you when you are trying to think of anything BUT it. The one that just seems right. I got that feeling.  And it did not even take long for me to get it. My friend just said to me, “I just got the SOFTEST leggings!”. She was so excited about it, she had to share it with me and she added me to this Facebook group. Shopping on Facebook was not new to me. I have had some fun with Facebook jewelry shopping and I saw the potential of these leggings immediately. I just KNEW it was something that I had to try out! I was sort of looking for something different to do and so I did it.

So here I am, a few weeks into this journey and I finally can breath for a second.  And I took that breathe long enough to throw up a website so I can write about it and share it because I want this empowerment to go further than my basement desk.

So welcome, I will be writing about fun things that happen, things that I try out to help with my job, and much more!