There are so many decisions you have to make when it’s time to start getting your supplies while you are in the queue!  I am sure there are a LOT of great products out here but here is what I use and why.


I made the mistake of getting racks from Amazon right away because I did not have time to research. My time in the queue was very short so my things were on there way very very quickly and you cannot say no to Amazon Prime! Amazon rarely lets me down.  I figured I would start with racks that gave me more bang for my buck.  Double racks seemed like the thing to do!

This rack has been great but it only works for items like shirts and short skirts.  It is a great price for what it is with the one major downside that it is not very portable.

I have to admit I am not in love with this rack. It is very very sturdy. However, the two racks are very close together and with regular sized hangers, they bang into each other. It causes me to have to not be able to fill the racks fully and one row has to be askew to allow for space of the other hangers. It might work very well for kids hangers.

I quickly realized that these racks were NOT enough space! I saw these cheap white double racks that were on clearance at Target for $15.00 and it was definitely a case of, you get what you pay for.  So cheap and barely made it a month holding my stuff.

I did not know how to tackle moving my stuff at all and that was not a factor in my rack purchasing decisions.  When the white Target racks failed me, I had to make a decision on what to do next and I found these fold-able racks at Store Supply. I love this website. The shipping may be pricey for these kinds of items but for the most part I have received items next day! It is great.

Here are the racks:


These racks are perfect for what I need them for. They are sturdy, affordable, portable and adjustable. They fold up very quickly and easily but be careful, I have hit my head a couple of times while doing that but I am very accident prone.  The end caps pull out for even more display space! They also adjust up and down two stops for different options. I take 5 of these with me to my in-home pop-ups and it holds what I need it to! One thing I have noticed about these racks is they have a metallic oily smell to them.  The smell on mine has gone away now but for a while, it was quite strong!


I actually ordered super cute teal and pink velvet hangers from Amazon but that was before I realized  that Costco has 50 black velvet covered hangers for ten dollars! Now you never know when Costco is going to have items in so I bought a ton and now I am about to run out.  I also bought some kids’ hangers because there are some items like the XXS Nicole all the kids items that do not fit on a regular hanger without damaging the item.


And Such

If you are planning on taking your inventory ANYWHERE, you have to get the the Frakta IKEA bags. They are the best!


They are affordable and you can move your items on their hangers. It makes  setting up and breaking down go much easier. Check out this video on how to use them.

These bags can also be purchased on Amazon!

I am not saying these are the best options out there but it is what I have and continue to use! I would love to hear products you like to use for racks and hangers and such!