If you are new to the world of LuLaRoe, welcome! It is a great place to be.  If you are not new to LuLaRoe but here to find out more information on how to shop specifically at LuLaRoe Nancy Owen, you already know what a glorious thing LuLaRoe can be!


To begin, we do not have catalog and we cannot order a specific pattern in a style or size.  LuLaRoe creates their gorgeous pieces in a limited amount per pattern.  Each piece is pretty unique and when you find one that speaks to you, snatch it up because you are likely never going to find it again!


Here is a great graphic that explains how unique each piece is!


How do I shop?

So how do I get one of these unique pieces? The first step is to join my Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/lularoenancyowen.  I share the inventory I have on hand about once a week in my group. I have new inventory coming ALL the time. When the UPS man comes, it is my favorite day!

In my Facebook group, pay attention to the posts as I will announce an upcoming pop-up.  Note the date and time and be there when it starts! I often start with a giveaway and then move onto posting all of my inventory.

I post each of my styles, like leggings or specific dress styles, like the Amelia, inside albums. There are a number of ways to navigate to the albums and here is a quick guide on how to do that:


Don’t want to find the albums on your own? Don’t worry. I highlight the albums during the event! I often post my new inventory BEFORE the event since sometimes uploading all the pieces of my beautiful inventory can take a long time and I don’t want you waiting around to see what you can grab! However, you do need to pay attention to the start time of the pop-up because you cannot claim an item until the start of the party.


Claim? How do I do that?

As you are browsing the pictures of my inventory and you find that thing you cannot live without, be the first person to write SOLD in the comments of that picture.  If you are shopping with a hostess (someone invited you to the party and they are earning FREE items), be sure to tag them too, like this: SOLD #hostessname.

Once you have marked the item as sold, go to the link in the DESCRIPTION of the image and claim the item so I can invoice you.  You will be asked to enter in your address information or you can create an account to save your information.  Once you have completed the claiming process, look for an invoice sent to the email address you entered! That is it!