About Me, Nancy!


Who am I and What do I know?

Not all those who wander are lost. – J.R.R. Tolkien

My name is Nancy Owen and I have been a dabbler all my life.  I hail from New Jersey but find myself in St. Charles, IL. How I got here? I am not too sure but isn’t that usually the case.  I graduated from Notre Dame in a year that I am not going to give you so you cannot calculate my age.  But there are years behind me, trust me.  I am young enough to not feel old and old enough to not feel young.  My friends have always joked with me that I can be 88 and 8 all at the same time. And someday I hope to be all those ages in between!

Out of college, fresh with my shiny new Management Information Systems business degree, I started a consulting job in Chicago. I spent that time enjoying the city life, working lots and lots of hours and tackling the my job of software development with all I had.  From there, I left my downtown consulting gig to work for my husband as he started his own technology services company servicing small to medium size businesses.  I have worked for small companies all of my life and I always seem to find a way to wear many hats in those jobs because I am good at lots of different things.  I did all sort of things during that time, answering calls, tech writing, programming software, graphic design, website development, database design & management and throwing out the garbage.  It was a crazy time and I continued to do consulting services for his business and others while I brought two lives into the world.  A contract programmer job is a bit crazy with two kids at home.  At the whim of your various bosses (one being your husband!) and two tiny little bosses took it’s toll and I decided it was no longer for me.  Looking back, I have picked up some amazing skills and have had the great opportunity to try many different things so I could learn what I like and do not like. Unfortunately, some of the things that were lucrative and I am excellent at, where things that I no longer liked.

So why LuLaRoe? Why leave technology for clothes? I am still figuring out the answer but on the surface it is a natural fit. I have always loved clothes. I LOVE clothes.  And the way LuLaRoe and social media go hand in hand is a great fit for my introverted personality.  Plus, it takes me out of my comfort zone (which I feel is very important to do) and into sales.  I am learning new things every day and I love it!  My job feels far more rewarding than any job I have had in many years.  The positive feedback that I receive from customers feeling their best and loving the LuLaRoe experience has been wonderful. So WHY LuLaRoe? To create positive experiences for myself and my customers on a daily basis. I love helping people become more THEM then they were before they discovered how clothes can change their personal outlook.