When deciding your shipping policy, there are a few factors to consider when deciding what works best for you!

How are you going to ship?

I use Stamps.com for my shipping at home. It is great though the price of $15.99 a month is not negligible. However, I feel like I pay for the convenience.  I have not personally compared this product to other similar services but I have used stamps.com reliably in the past and my sponsor loves it and I had to make a quick decision on a solution!

With Stamps.com, I can print my labels at home using my existing printer on sticker paper I purchased from Stamps.com.  It works for now. I have heard great things about the thermoprinter that I have heard is SO much easier to print with but at the current price tag, I am going to wait a little bit.

Some people I know use shippingeasy.com and with the thermoprinter, can batch print! How easy would that be? Research for another day!

How much are you going to charge for shipping?

What is your shipping policy going to be? How much are you going to charge? For my group, I have decided to charge $6 shipping across the board.  One main reason is simplicity. No matter what they order, it is $6.  You can ship priority almost anywhere in a Tyvek Priority mailer or Priority bubble mailer for around $6.  If you use USPS, those shipping materials are FREE.  Here is a good list of service comparisons:

Keep in mind, shipping first class can sometimes cost more than shipping priority even for one item! Some of those quilted Amelias weigh more than a pound!
Shipping Supplies

If you choose to ship priority, you can order your materials here for free:

Order them in the largest quantity you can and order them often. Sometimes it takes time for them to get to  your door so you want to plan accordingly.

I only use the Tyvek and Bubble Mailers as they are waterproof. Do not use the flat cardboard envelopes. They are not waterproof and I have had items delivered to my door almost completely open because cardboard can and will rip!